Chicken Romesco Pesto Pasta

Tonight my sister arrived home from varsity for the holidays, and its a really cold evening! so I decided to make a warm, hearty chicken pesto pasta…

Chicken breasts
Pesto (any type, I used Romesco, which is cashew nut pesto)
Green and red peppers
Fresh cream
Pasta – any type
Herbs and parmesan for topping

Its pretty simple…dice the bacon and chicken, and cook them separately and add together when done. Then add the mushrooms and peppers, and let them all cook together. Add desired amounts of cream and pesto, then let the flavours all simmer and thicken. meanwhile, boil the pasta. Seve pasta with chicken mix dished on top 🙂

That’s it…quick and simple!! And it actually turned out really good!! It’s a very rich meal, so we all had small helpings, but still delicious! My family approved and were proud, even though they have to be 😉 So for my first meal, I am happy! Started with something fairly easy…lets see what tomorrow brings…I’m thinking Mexican…

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Food for thought

So I woke up this morning with a few concerns and thoughts that I feel I should clarify…

While this is a food blog, my main aim is not to just write up a list of ingredients and a step-by-step guide to a recipe! What I want to do is give my experience of how each recipe turned out – flop or not! Call it a Food Diary if you will 🙂

Through my success and failures I hope to inspire all those, young and old, who don’t believe they can cook, and encourage them to try!! Its all for fun and experiment…I am in no way claiming to be some fancy chef teaching the world my wisdom!

There we go…now that we have cleared that up, let’s get ready to cook, trial and error style 😉

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Cooking is even for you…

I’m no cook, thats for sure. Yes I love watching the Food Channel, and I’m obsessed with Master Chef Australia. So what’s stopping me?? well not much to be honest! Maybe its just a time factor…maybe I’m scared no one will like my lack of cooking skills. But I sure do have some interest in starting, so I guess that now is the time…

I must admit, I have attempted cooking before, well mainly baking!! My mother bought me a beginners cook book for Christmas, and I guess that got the juices flowing!! But I have only attempted the biscuits and cake section. A few months ago I made my boyfriend a roast beef dinner, with mash and veggies, the works! (Including starters and dessert might I add). He was impressed, and I finally proved that I could be “wife” material one day (minus the lack of washing, cleaning and ironing skills) But at least I know my man won’t go to bed hungry!!

So basically this is my purpose…I have cooked once or twice, mainly pastas and basic meals, but there’s nothing wrong with that!! From tomorrow and everyday for the next week or so, I am going to attempt to improve my cooking and baking skills. Everyday I will cook a family dinner, or some sort of edible meal, and let you all know how it went, along with some pictures of the final product! Through this I hope to inspire all the non-chefs out there, and get you to start learning to cook with me!! Its gonna be basic stuff, but with a bit of Master Chef creativity of course 🙂

and any suggestions on what you want me to try cook or bake, shout and I’ll give it ago. But mostly my aim is to try new recipes, difficult and easy, and basically review the level of skill needed to pull dishes off. If I don’t manage, well then you’ll hear about right here…

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