Camembert and Cranberry = OBSESSED!!

If I am at a restaurant and I see anything on the menu, and I mean anything, that includes camembert and cranberry as a topping, then that’s me, sorted 🙂 I have eaten camembert and cranberry on pizza, croissants, even breakfast omlettes. So last night I decided it was time I attempted my own camembert and cranberry dish…

I went to my dad’s house for dinner, and after much debate about what to do for dinner, I eventually convinced him that gourmet burgers were the way to go. He wanted pineapple and cheese burgers, but I persuaded him that my idea was better!!

Ostrich meat patties (much healthier than beef, and really tasty)
Whole cranberries in sauce
Camembert cheese (in slices)
Seeded health rolls
(And even add caramelised onion rings or bacon strips for some more variation, but I decided to keep it a bit more plain)

Grill the patties until cooked, then slice up the camembert and let them melt in the oven under the grill. Heat up cranberry sauce, spoon over patty and cheese, and serve on a health roll 🙂

I don’t think my dad was too convinced. he still was persistent that pineapple is better! But I loved it, just like I enjoy any meal with those two juicy and delicious elements…


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4 Responses to Camembert and Cranberry = OBSESSED!!

  1. Caylee Dee Steytler says:

    Taz this is ALWAYS a winner in my books for definite! Cranberry and camembert cannot go wrong. if you love all types of cheeses like we both do and sweet cranberry sauce then its fantastic!!!!!!!! You h.a.v.e to do a fillet/rump meal with a topping. tune Waxys you wanna buy some of their amazing meat and they sell it to you, grab some of their basting, bacon, honey mustard sauce and brie – MAKE A LANDSDOWNE FILLET! Paul and I have about 3 times and it turns out amazing!

    • tazzlindsay says:

      haha yea totally 🙂 good idea!! I tuned Melf this week to ask waxies for landsdowne with cranberry sauce instead of honey mustard when she was hosting!! but she was scared!!
      thanks for the support xxx

  2. Paul Humphries says:

    Wow Tazra this looks AMAZING… Would love to have it now. I will use this recipe this week.

  3. Christelle says:

    Mmmmm will try this one out for sure! Can’t resist camembert and cranberries! Yummy!!!

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