Margaritas on the Beach

This weekend my family and I went away down the coast for the Easter weekend with some friends! Each family has to take turns doing meals, so Friday night was our turn! My mom sat down chilling with her friends while I did the cooking, along with all the enthusiastic kids! We decided to do a mexican burrito evening…along with Margaritas too 🙂

Its a simple dinner just lots of prepping involved!

Baked beans
Chilli con carne sauce
Shredded lettuce
Tomato salsa
Grated cheese
Sour cream
Avo guacamole
Tortilla wraps

Started with frying the onions in a pan and then adding the mince. Once cooked I added the chilli sauce, beans and more spicy stuff for flavour! That was the easy part! (Minus me crying from cutting the onions).

Grating the cheese – check
Shredding lettuce – check
Tomato salsa – chopped up tomatoes into small chunks, add some onion pieces and coriander. Didn’t add chilli bits because there were kids who had to eat
Avo guacamole – mushed up avo with a fork, added salt and pepper, and lemon juice. We didn’t have vinegar so the kids thought it would be funny to add a shot of tequila instead!
Whipping sour cream – not as easy as it looks and very messy

That’s about it hey! And then the rest is up to everyone else to choose their toppings and make it themselves! Fold and enjoy 🙂 Its a messy and fun food that everyone really enjoyed, especially the kids! Haha 🙂

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One Response to Margaritas on the Beach

  1. lauren behr says:

    i want the margarita recipe 🙂

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